Chatham Village is nestled on 46 acres on Pittsburgh's Mt. Washington, just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and convenient to the airport and other suburbs as well. Grandview Avenue, with its spectacular city views just a few blocks away, is a pleasant walk for many of our village residents.
Grandview Avenue
Located on 46 acres on Pittsburgh's Mt. Washington
Since 1932, Chatham Village has provided a remarkably gracious way of life for its residents, combining the charm of an English country village with the convenience of modern urban living. Today, Chatham Village continues to offer the same charm and character that provides exciting opportunities and benefits to its residents.
This "long courtyard" provides a magnificent canopy of cool shade in the hot summer months.

Chatham Village, after more than three quarters of a century, remains a timeless community that has kept up with the times. We offer a unique social character and rich architectural heritage, combined with a progressive spirit open to new ideas, providing a vitality and life style that is truly incomparable.
Beautiful perimeter roads surround interior courtyards offering a quiet and peaceful retreat.
Houses open onto lush courtyards where residents can stroll, chat with a neighbor, bird watch, or just enjoy the view. The Village's perimeter roads are beautiful with interior courtyards that offer a quiet and peaceful retreat. Architectural "follies", such as a small garden house, add interest and visual delight to the landscape within the Villages courtyards. A Village Green provides a gathering place for picnics, play, and general enjoyment.
Houses open onto lush courtyards. 
This small garden house adds visual and architectural interest to the landscape.
A Village Green provides a gathering place for picnics, play, and general enjoyment.
In 2005 Chatham Village was designated a National Historic Landmark by United States Secretary of the Interior.