Quick Facts
Chatham Village's history includes many contributors, several phases of development, all reflected below in interesting facts and figures.
Sponsor - The Buhl Foundation
Townhomes  Completed 1932-1933
  26 buildings comprising 129 townhouses
Planners Clarence Stein and Henry Wright
Architects Ingham & Boyd
Landscape Architect  Ralph E. Griswald
Commercial Buildings Completed 1933
Four retail store spaces and Chatham Village office  
Planners  Clarence Stein and Henry Wright
Ingham & Boyd
Landscape Architects Ralph Griswald and Theodore Kohaukie
Phase II
Townhouses          Completed 1934
  14 buildings comprising 68 townhouses
Planner  Henry Wright
Architects Ingham & Boyd
Landscape Architect Theodore Kohaukie
Phase III
Chatham Manor and Parking Completed 1956
One building with 19 apartments   
Garage Compound F  
Planner Fredrick Bigger
Architects Ingham & Boyd
Landscape Architect Griswald Winters Swain
Chatham Hall
Original Bigham Estate Built 1849
Now home of Chatham Village Club Renovated 1935
Architects Ingham & Boyd
  Renovated 1992
Architects Bolin Cywinski Jackson
Other Facts
Total Area 46 acres
Developed Area 16 acres
Recreation Areas 4 acres (Playgrounds, tennis courts, ball fields, etc.)
Woodlands 26 acres, includes 1.5 miles of walking trails
Roads 1.8 miles
Walkways  2.8 miles
Rendering of a typical Village house by Ingham and Boyd, the local architectural firm that worked with urban planners Stein and Wright to design Chatham Village.
Architect Henry Wright, 1878 - 1936
Click here to view a video of historic moments in the Village. Chatham Village's "First Unit" (the Old Village) was completed in 1932. This film shows courtyards and streetscapes of this new garden community, including typical interior views. It also shows the "Second Unit" (the New Village) under construction in 1935, to be completed in 1936.