Types of Homes
The variety of floor plans for Chatham Village homes is extensive—some have integral garages, others don't. Some have balconies and sunrooms, others do not. And these variations extend to other details since the townhouses were designed to fit to the land, respond to their setting among other homes, and take advantage of green space and views.
This variety makes it almost impossible to show plans for all homes here. But houses are related in scale. Townhouses with the same number of bedrooms all have similar arrangements of rooms and offer approximately the same square feet of space.
To explore various floor plans, click here to view all our floor plans, from one-bedroom apartments to 4-bedroom townhomes. You may also visit our Home page, under "Memberships for Sale" on the lower right column, to see current listings. 
  • One-bedroom apartmentsChatham Manor, a three-story building within Chatham Village, includes 19 one-bedroom apartments. These spacious apartments provide single-floor living with the same amenities and conveniences as the Village's townhouses. Chatham Manor also has elevator service, a laundry room, and an adjacent parking lot.
  • Two-bedroom townhousesAll two-bedroom townhouses have a basement, first, and second floor. Garages for residents of these homes are located in garage compounds.
  • Three-bedroom townhousesAll three-bedroom houses have three floors. Many three-bedroom homes have integral garages while others rely on garages in nearby garage compounds.
  • Four-bedroom townhousesAll four-bedroom houses have four floors. Some four-bedroom homes have integral garages while others rely on garages in nearby garage compounds.
Where are all the cars?
To keep the focus on nature, the landscape, and provide peaceful environment, Chatham Village’s planners clustered garages in several "compounds" throughout the Village. These garage compounds that are out of site and unobtrusive and usually convenient to a member's home. While many residents use these garages, some houses on the perimeter roads have integral garages.