Carefree Living
A stroll through Chatham Village soon reveals an atmosphere that extends beyond its physical beauty. It is a true village—a community where neighbors visit, stop and chat, match skills on the tennis court or share a picnic in the woods. It’s a place where a neighbor is likely to provide a meal for a sick friend or lend a car when yours is out of commission—a place where you’ll feel comfortable asking for a favor.
"A beautiful lawn but no lawnmower," said a Villager as he gazed across a courtyard from his porch. Carefree living is an integral part of the life style residents enjoy at Chatham Village. From snow removal, to exterior painting, landscaping, and maintenance services, residents can rely on the Chatham Village's management and staff.
Chatham Village residents are freed from the daily burdens of home ownership so they can use their time to pursue other interests or simply relax. What a relief to return from a vacation and find everything at home has been attended to. Among the many things that foster a carefree lifestyle at Chatham Village are:
  • Landscaping - Mowing, pruning, trimming, and leaf clearing are all provided by the Village's expert staff of landscapers. They also continually replace and renew the rich landscape with new plantings in keeping with the original landscape master plan.
  • Snow Removal - The Village staff removes snow from all roads, garage compounds, and walkways leaving, residents responsible for only their small approach walkway or, if their house has one, a short driveway. 
  • Exterior Maintenance - The Village manages exterior painting, brick repainting, and maintenance of the beautiful slate roofs. Concrete work and paving are also managed by the Village. 
  • Mechanical Systems - The Village repairs original fixtures and systems, including periodic maintenance of the steam boiler heating systems plus seasonal start up and shut off.
  • Routine Services - In addition to the many cost-free services included in a member's monthly fee, residents can also ask the Village's maintenance staff to to perform other small repairs at minimal costs. And a simple call or email to the manager's office is all it takes.
The Village playground is a frequent meeting place for parents and kids.
A lawn seems more beautiful if you don't have to mow it yourself. Here, a Village maintenance staff mows a courtyard lawn.
Leafing blowing keeps the grounds clear and beautiful in the fall.
The maintenance staff clears snow from public walkways throughout the Village.
Painting and other exterior maintenance is managed on a regular cyclical schedule.