Chatham Village has been called one of Pittsburgh’s best-kept secrets. Its central location atop Mt. Washington is convenient to downtown, the academic and cultural center in Oakland, the airport, and to suburbs in all directions. Local shops are within a few blocks and urban shopping malls or in-city shopping are only minutes away.
Village residents, freed from the burden of lawn care and house maintenance, find ample time to take full advantage of this location to dine in the city, attend a ball game or symphony, or enjoy the many activities offered within the Village.
Because of its central location, residents aren't constantly crossing from one side of the city to another—it's as easy to get to the North Hills as the South Hills, to the airport, or turnpike. Consider these frequent destinations:
Place Distance (miles) Driving Time (minutes)
Downtown 2.2 8
Oakland 4.2 11
Shadyside 5.9 16
North Shore Sports Venues 3.7 9
Airport 17.4 21
Ross Park Mall 11.1 17
Robinson Town Center 10.4 18
South Hills Village 10.4 18
Neighborhood Shopping District 7.7 17
Turnpike Interchange 15.9 24
Route 79 Interchange 6.5 9
Many villagers enjoy Grandview Avenue's breathtaking views on a walk or jog.
Neighbors often enjoy coffee, breakfast, or a sandwich at the corner café.
Grandview entrance to the Duquesne Incline.
Shiloh Street, located just off Grandview Avenue, has a variety of shops and eateries.