Outdoor Recreation
One of the pleasures of living in Chatham Village is access to the outdoors and recreational activities. A short walk takes you to the tennis court, or to a hike along a woodland trail. Or, perhaps to a family cookout at the picnic grove. And all this within a few minutes of bustling downtown Pittsburgh.
  • Picnic Area - A picnic grove near the Village’s clubhouse, Chatham Hall, is set in a grassy clearing among the trees, with picnic benches and a rustic stone grill for residents' use. 
  • Playground - The children’s playground features play structures, swings, and a picnic table and benches for residents and their guests. The enclosed area allows children to roam and explore without wandering too far.
  • Tennis and Play Courts - A fenced tennis court is available for Village residents and their guests. The fenced adjacent multi-purpose court is outfitted with a fiberglass tennis backboard, a half basketball court, shuffleboard, and a street hockey court. 
  • Ball Field - A small ball field with a backstop provides a place for organized play for groups of residents and guests.
Village Green
A large green near the center of the Village provides a place for a stroll, a game of Frisbee, games with kids or special community gatherings and outings. It is adjacent to play courts, playgrounds, ball fields, and community gardens plots. 
Memorial Garden
At the edge of the Village Green stands a memorial garden, dedicated in 1952 to former Village manager, Mildred M. Lutz. A second bronze plaque, installed in 1969, acknowledges Charles F. Lewis, the first executive director of the Buhl Foundation whose vision created Chatham Village.
The garden's flagpole, dedicated to the life and service of Charles E. Romig and others who served in World War II, is a focal point of the Village's Fourth of July celebrations. The gardens were renovated in 2007 in celebration of the Village's 75th Anniversary and are maintained jointly by Village staff and residents.
Community Gardens
Many residents enjoy planting and keeping vegetable gardens in “Chatham Farms,” a spread of community garden plots available to Village residents.
Site Map
Tennis and play courts, a playground, and Village Green draw residents to outdoor and recreational activities.
The enclosed children’s playground features swings, play structures, and a picnic table and benches for residents and their guests.
A picnic area at the edge of Chatham Wood near the Village’s clubhouse, Chatham Hall, includes picnic benches, tables, and a rustic stone grill for resident's use.
The Village Park provides a green for gatherings and play and connects to a variety of recreational options—playground, tennis and play courts, ball field, and woodland trails.
A memorial garden at the edge of the park was dedicated in 1955 to former Village resident and property manager Mildred Lutz.