Each board member heads a committee and asks other residents to serve on their committee for a specific period of time. This means residents have the opportunity to be involved in an area that interests them if they want to volunteer.
In addition to the board-directed committees, the Chatham Village Club also offers residents opportunities to participate in community social events and gatherings.
Board-Directed Committees
House & Grounds
  • Develops long-range plans for buildings, landscape, hard-scape, and utilities
  • Reviews on-going maintenance plans and schedules
  • Reviews interior house renovation plans submitted by members
  • Reviews patio plans submitted by members
  • Reviews garden plans submitted by members
Strategic Planning
  • Establishes a yearly operating budget
  • Establishes a long-range financial plan
  • Monitors monthly expenditures relative to the financial plan
  • Monitors precautions and keeps members up to date on neighborhood safety issues
  • Meets with candidates for membership
  • Monitors membership applications and sales
  • Assists new members by answering questions, making connections, etc.
  • Develops communication materials about the Village
  • Maintains the Village website
  • Coordinates media events
Many members serve on board-directed committees and are actively involved in the Village.