Chatham Village is consistently cited as one of Pennsylvania’s most significant pieces of architecture. Its Georgian-style townhouses are both alike and unusually varied in design. Two-, three-, and four-bedroom townhouses are intermixed.
Nestled on a 46-acre site, Chatham Village’s 197 townhouses and 19 apartment-style homes provide a quiet retreat from the bustle of city life. Trees, green lawns, gardens, parks and nearly 26 acres of natural woodland create an idyllic setting. Private roadways circle the Village so interior courts and gardens are free from traffic and noise. And the Village includes many special features—tennis and basketball courts, ball fields, playgrounds, garden plots, picnic areas, and a network of wooded walking trails.
Courtyards, terraces, gardens, and parks create a rich visual fabric which is exquisitely integrated with the house clusters to provide an unusual harmony. A variety of landscaping—lawns, hedges, vines, trees, shrubs, and flowers—adds to the garden-like setting.
There's a lot to see in Chatham Village—houses, courtyards, woodlands and trails, architectural details, landscaping, a 19th Century mansion, and much more. While photographs can't adequately capture the essence and feeling of the Village you would experience by visiting, they will help you explore from the comfort of your chair. View our Architectural Tour photo album by clicking on the link to the right. 
The Village's interior courtyards are free of traffic and noise.
View our "Architectural Tour" photo album by clicking here.